Monday, 4 June 2012

Cool Shit Monday: Jubilee Gems

Having just spent a lovely Holiday-Monday in Oamaru with Edie's Nana and Grandad, I feel it only fitting to doff my hat to the lady of the moment - Liz.  So today's Cool Shit has a Royal theme to it.  I only wish I was in Blighty so I could a) go the whole hog with bunting and street parties and devonshire teas (minus the rain); and b) have an extra day of holiday.

I'd like to kick off with some goodness that would make the plate even at Queenie's party: Red Velvet Swiss Roll.  This recipe comes from one of my favourite foodie blogs, The Pink Whisk.  I love the Pink Whisk for several reasons - the writer, Ruth Clemens, was runner-up on The Great British Bake-Off so she knows what she's doing, but yet she still retains an element of the chaotic.  The woman is relatable.  She creates deliciousness from her postage-stamp-sized kitchen and doesn't pretend to be a domestic goddess above the rest of us mere mortals (see Baking: An Expose for further clarification of my opinions on cooking writers etc).  But best of all, every recipe of hers I have tried has been a raging success.  She has lots of photos to guide you through and keeps it entertaining, not preachy.  My type of lady.

Next is a selection of Royal Awesomeness from another favourite UK website, Not On The High Street.  I suppose you could say it's a little like Etsy or Felt in that it's a site that operates as a host for "shops" or sellers.  But it just does it with so much more style.  The site itself is beautifully presented and they clearly have rigorous criteria in terms of quality and presentation for the vendors as there are no grainy, "taken in my living room" photos, or crappy macrame owls here.  Anyway, today for your viewing delight, we have some Jubilee ribbon - essential for any Jubilee party, some swirly lollipops in British colours, the only shoes you could ever wear to a Jubilee party , and finally a corgi jumper.  I want this jumper, bad. Geek chic - I think so!

Hello Lover.  I've been waiting for a pair of shoes like you for a long time...

A knitted cake.  It's a little random I know, but I knitted this wee cake for Edie's 1st Birthday.  I think it would fit nicely at a Jubilee party.  Also it's pretty freakin' cool so fits in well with our Monday theme.  The pattern came from a whole book of knitted cakes I got in a random Christmas Gift game.  Score.  And yes, my Mum finished it off for me.  Sigh.  As an aside, when I found the link for the book on Fishpond, I noted the book advertised next was for knitted meerkats.  And you thought cakes were a bit odd...
I did find these super cute knitted strawberries that really would be awesome at a Jubilee party - strawberries and cream: could it get more British and summery?!

Here are a couple of my favourite writers that represent Britain at its stereotypical best: Enid Blyton and PG Wodehouse.  The fabulous innocence of Enid Blyton's stories with their quaint turn of phrase, yet fabulous insight into the world at large - no wonder they still appeal to children today.  And P G Wodehouse and ultimate duo - Jeeves & Wooster.  Oh how I love the charming idiocy with which Bertie gets into dire straits and the subtle wit Jeeves uses to get him out.  It's a formula that never tires for me.

And if you're really feeling in the spirit, it's not too late to send HRH a personal message to acknowledge the 60 years since she sat on the Stone of Scone and had the crown balanced on her careful coif.  She even sends you a reply!

So long live Liz and other alliterative phrases that celebrate the Queen and her giving us a day off!  I hope you all had a nice cup of tea and a cake, and maybe hummed a wee bit of "God Save the Queen".      Jolly good!

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  1. I turned the house upside down, but couldn't find my Beethoven variations on God Save the Queen. Gutted.