Monday, 21 May 2012

Cool Shit Monday

I have been wondering how to organically incorporate the sharing of some stuff I like into this blog.  The way I write is so bloody long-winded and more like a Wagnerian saga than a peppy "Hey!  I think this is so hot right now!  LOL!" blog.  So I've decided to concede a day to just telling you a wee bit about any neat stuff I find - Cool Shit Monday.  I don't think my Mum will like the title (swearing for swearing's sake - not really her style) but I think it fits.

If Cool Shit Mondays bomb out and no one likes my cool shit, then I'll just have another day of Wagnerian saga.  We'll see.  I'm aiming to only write 8ish sentences per cool shit item, otherwise I figure I'm defeating the purpose.  Wish me luck...

Top of my Cool Shit List:  Liana Raine Gourment Artisan Pops.  Doubly cool as they allow me to be clever and pun-savvy (cool and cool - get it?!  GENIUS!).  I unashamedly allow that having this at the top of my first 'cool shit' list is blatant nepotism as the gorgeous girls who are the true genius behind Liana Raine are my cousins (I mentioned Aja in my first blog post). But they are so much more than that; beauty and brains combine in these two lovely ladies and if I had money to throw into fledgling businesses, I would be tossing it freely in their direction.  Bianca's perfectionist taste buds, Aja's out-of-the-box business sense, and a double dose of creativity - winning combo!  I know, it's getting rather wintry in the Southern Hemisphere but these bad boys taste so good I'd be willing to brave a midwinter ice-cream headache.  A Pineapple Chilli with a sprinkle of salt please... Or maybe an Apple, Rhubarb & Ginger...
Photography: Marissa Fleming; The Simple Things Studio

Staying with a foodie theme - Some teas call for you to use a tea cup.  I mean a real tea cup.  With a saucer and everything.  Maybe even a matching cake plate if you're being proper fancy.  This Harney & Sons Tea is one such tea.  My sister sent me a care package from the beautiful Korora Gifts (worth checking out too!) a month or so ago and tucked in amongst the other delights was a beautiful tin of Harney Hot Cinnamon Spice tea bags.  They remind of Big Red gum with the "bite" that good cinnamon products give you.  They are caffeinated (a plus in my book), naturally sweetened, AND they come in beautiful silken pyramid tea bags which makes the whole thing feel rather decadent.  I'm was very happy tea-drinker when I discovered that I can order refills for my tin.

Moustaches: Not to everyone's taste I know, but even the greatest moustache naysayer couldn't hate this pillow.

Blabla use natural fibers sourced in Peru to make totally cool and quirky knitted goods.  They have worked with artisan knitters in Peru to combine their designs with the beautiful wool.  They adhere to Fair Trade ethics too which gives added brownie points.  Cool kids will have their stuff, I'm sure.  And my friend Clarissa who has a strange attachment to the comedy moustache...

My friend Carlie posted this video this morning on her facebook page.  It's from the Graham Norton Show.  I do quite like a bit of the old Graham Norton.  He says inappropriate things and I identify with that.  Go figure.  Anyway, this made me smile and sing along.  You will too - why do we all know the words to a crappy 80s TV show?  Beats me, but it's feel good stuff.


  1. Loving the blog Charlie. Pleased to see my tea was so cool!!

  2. Go the Cool Shit Monday I say

  3. I agree, Cool Shit Monday all the way