Sunday, 27 May 2012

Anyone For Tea?

It's Sunday.  It's midday.  I'm yet to get out of my pajamas.  It's rather Sunday-appropriate I suppose, but when this happens I often think about what I'd really like to be doing if I were more organised.  It's not that I want to be 'productive' necessarily, I just get wistful about the ways I could be taking better advantage of the day.  This has been a serious affliction for me through my life.  My mother has instilled in me this 'make the most of every moment, don't waste the day' attitude, and yet it fights with my natural inclination to sit on my chuff at every opportunity.  What results is I do sit on my chuff, but feel incredibly guilty about all the things I'm not doing, so don't enjoy the sitting.  I have taken this behaviour to extremes and let it almost cripple me at times - I have no idea how I have a degree or a post-graduate qualification.  I truly feel like all I did during this time was watch TV and stress about all the assignments I had to do and all the exams coming up.  At 31, after much soul-searching and self-flagellation, I have finally managed to  find some sort of equilibrium with this behaviour.  I still do it - I still leave things to the last minute, I still create unnecessarily stressful situations with my procrastination - but mostly I do actually get the job done.  This is a marked improvement from the previous 30 years of my life.

Thankfully today, I'm not self-flagellating, I'm merely thinking about tea.  This may seem a little like a bit of a forehead-slap moment on my part.  "Why don't you just get up and make a friggin' cup of tea and stop banging on to us about it?!", I hear you cry.  But you see I'm not simply thinking about tea.  I'm thinking about tea parties.  With proper tea sets and scones (with jam & cream of course) and pastries and cake plates and sugar bowls and posies of peonies and hydraengas... I can't be bothered with any of that right now, I just wish that I could snap my fingers and have it all.  Here's what I'd have...

Phil bought me this tea set for Mothers Day.  Let's start by having that out for my tea party.  Plus my other random assortment of old tea cups and saucers that I have sitting on my windowsill.  Mismatching crockery is so cool.

I wouldn't want Edie to miss out so she can have her  Oskar & Ellen tea set, bought for her 1st Birthday from the most awesome children's store in town, Miracle.  It's so cute I think I would almost be content with just this tea set and not the real deal.

I would be wearing this dress from Shabby Apple.  I think their stuff is uber cool and reasonably priced which makes it all the more tempting.  They do ship to New Zealand but the shipping is almost as much as the clothing.  I usually pull out the old adage "I could just make it" but as if I ever do.  One day I'll be feeling frivolous and just pay the shipping so I'll let you know how I go.  In the mean time, I can wear the gorgeous clothes to my imaginary tea party.

Apart from scones with jam & cream, I would have a plate of my favourite cafe treat.  Cinnamon swirls from The Good Oil cafe.  I once wrote a poem about them, I love them so much.  You can relax, I don't yet feel we're at the stage in our relationship where I show you my poetry.  I'm not a Vogon after all.

And Denheath custard squares.  New Zealand's best answer to the mille feuille.  So.  Good.  And they deliver within New Zealand.  I may go and order some right now...

I'm hoping it will all look a little something like this.

Does anyone else feel hungry?  I'm going to actually get off my chuff and go any make the cup of tea.  That's achievable on a Sunday.


  1. Salmon scrolls!

  2. Oh my gosh I love this. I have been dreaming about a tea party just like yours :) Bunting, flowers, pretty dresses. Do it! Love Rebecca. x

  3. Those tea cups are lush.. well done Phil!! I too have an ever-increasing collection of tea cups from charity shops.. But my main love is espresso cups, and those actually get use daily!! Olli saw the picture of the lady in that gorgeous dress and said 'Oh look, a barbie!'.. I'm sure you'd look just as stunning in it!! xx

  4. Totally want to go to your tea party with the salmon scrolls and den heaths....I would even wear a frock if I had to

    1. I could help you find just the thing, Mile. And we could even have a nice sloice or two...

  5. love it - beautiful tea set x