Friday, 1 June 2012

What the Frock Friday - Parisian Trash

I know you've been looking forward to this all week.  You've been counting down the days.  You've been refreshing your With Jam & Cream page to see if it's appeared.  Well you can relax people because here it is, What the Frock Friday.

I tend to think of myself as more of a "pretty dress" kind of girl.  I like the classics, the vintage, the 50s the 60s, the floral and frill.  Today's frock is a far cry from this.  Well a middle distance cry anyway.  And as I made reference to last week, I don't tend to do dresses with boots either.  But I have today.  I very nearly changed the boots for tights and flats but I had to be at the dentist and ran out of time to fluff around so boots it was.  I tend to see high boots and short dresses as a bit... trashy.  Sorry if I just described half your wardrobe as trashy, but there you have it.  Today I was obviously feeling trashy.  Not really, but I do think it's good to do something a little different from your usual sometimes.  It can be a complete train wreck (it really was just trashy) or you can discover something in your wardrobe you didn't know worked.

I bought this dress in Paris (as you do) about 5 years ago.  It was a significant purchase but I was convinced by the fact that a) I thought I would be able to wear it year round with layering; b) it was freakin' cool; and c) when people asked where I got my dress, I could answer, "Paris".  Poser.  And all three reasons have proved to be valid and worthwhile.  It has served me well over its life and is still going strong.  It was quite a mild day today but in colder weather I've worn it with a long-sleeved top underneath.  I love the layering of fabrics in the skirt and on the sleeves.  I also think the long tie is great as it cinches the waist of the dress and as it wraps around multiple times it helps hide some of the middle... layers.

The boots I bought at I Love Paris last winter.  Or Mum bought them for me to be precise.  That's right, my Mum still buys my clothes.  She's does pretty well so it's fine by me.  I did pick them.  I should stop trying to justify myself.  I'm sure other people's mums buy them things too...  Anyway, I have quite big feet so I often feel 'flatter' boots make me look like I'm wearing gumboots.  This is exacerbated by the fact that I'm quite little so they look even more disproportionate.  Other people don't look at me as close as I do though, so I bought these gumboots anyway as I liked the detailing on them.  And they do match the layering on the dress rather well.

The necklace was sent to me by my sister.  I'm pretty sure she bought it at Accessorize.  I receive a lot of compliments on it and I'm sad I'm not clever enough to pair it with more outfits.  I find that it's quite large so it doesn't fit 'inside' the necklines of things easily and I don't own that many high-necked clothes as they tend to look funny on my shape (little but curvy - I need definition from necklines and waistlines).  I love it's colours and the lack of symmetry.  I love symmetry so it's good to have non-symmetry gifted to me to appreciate!

Another thing I didn't buy, the ring.  My cousins Aja and Bianca gave it to me for my 30th birthday.  It's porcelain.  It perhaps lived a life as a drawer knob?  I'm not sure but it's pretty choice.  I wear it a lot as it goes with almost anything.

So, Parisian trash.  C'est bon, n'est-ce pas?


  1. Love it, I have clothes that I bought in Paris, and I always manage to slip that I 'got it in Paris' into the conversation when wearing them... poser. Xx Looking lovely as always Char, loving the necklace.

  2. The problem for me is that the last thing I bought in Paris was a striped, ribbed, turtle neck sweater. In 1997. You know the one. I'm sure I can find it somewhere if you'd like me to send it down - you could no doubt theme a post around it.