Saturday, 25 August 2012

WTFF: Winter Roses

Hello my lovely people out there in interweb land!  Remember me??  Your (not so) trusty blog friend?  I've had a little blogging vacation for one reason or another but you can stop frantically checking your inboxes and refreshing your browsers because I'm back.

And I'm back with a frock.  How apt.  This is a wee bit of a cheat, this dress.  It is a dress.  I did wear it on a What the Frock Friday.  In fact I wore it on two.  So it's last week's frock and this week's frock.  Wearing the same outfit twice??  *gasp*.  I can live with it this time as I wore it in two different cities.  And Oamaru (not a city, in case your lower South Island of New Zealand geography is a little sketchy.  But a lovely town none the less).  So those of you who saw me in it last Friday in Wellington get to relive the experience, and those who saw me in it this Friday in Dunedin will be reading Frock Friday as normal.  Only Phil, Edie and I have seen the frock twice in a week and I'm sure they barely noticed or cared.  But I just had to get that confession off my chest.  It's just as well really as I was hoping to increase my frock wardrobe while in Wellington, but didn't buy a single one for me, only two for Edie (one bought by Nana).  I can't help but feel this is a developing trend.  Dresses for her are so much cheaper.  I hope I don't have to slowly descend from What the Frock Fridays to Jeans & t-shirt Tuesdays to Trackie Thursdays.  I don't really see myself ever being that unselfish actually, so you (and I) should be fine.

This is another old Voon frock and I felt it fitting that I wear it while in Wellington.  Unfortunately we didn't take the camera to get photos of the frock in Wellington and I didn't really get the chance to write about it either.  So it was fitting, and then it was just sensible to wear it again so I could get some snaps and write about it.  The fabric of the dress is interesting.  I've always loved the burnished gold of the leaves with the deep red of the roses, it's like lovely old lady's furniture.  A big inner-sprung couch.  That kind of thing.  And the material itself has a furnituresque (good word huh?) quality to it; it's more like curtain or upholstery fabric than dress material.  In fact the reverse is bright gold. I wish it was able to be see more somehow without me having to do a flasher number.  As a result, it's quite firm by which I mean, it doesn't have much drape.  This makes it a bit odd to wear as it doesn't "pull in" to you as you might expect.  It feels almost like it could be a coat or a robe instead of a dress.  But I love the pattern so much and it speaks so much of winter warmth that I have adjusted to this odd feeling.  The wrap around style of the dress allows you to give it some shape and an advantage of the stiffness of the material is that it hides all your lumps and bumps (the undesirable ones).

In keeping with gold and roses I wore ceramic gold earrings given to me by my sister (I thought I'd worn them before so I didn't take any pics), and a necklace given to me by Aja and Bianca for my 30th birthday.  I wear it a lot as the colours make it a chameleon - it works with a lot of different outfits, and I find the length suits the neckline of a lot of my clothes.  I love the little tree and the quirky charms that hang off it.  It's a bit different which suits me just fine.

Yesterday Edie wore a new dress from Nana.  Mum found this on sale and knew I was running low on frocks for Edie (the situation has been well and truly addressed in the last few weeks) so snaffled it up.  I'm pretty sure it cost the princely sum of $15.  It's a knit so gives a bit of extra warmth while the sun still tries to find its way down to the bottom of the world.  The denim colour looks cute on Edie and I think the little flower on the lapel is a nice detail.  The cardi was knitted for Edie by our older neighbour.  It's lovely and so is she.  Unfortunately, Edie is yet to appreciate this fact and she is the one person who Edie reacts violently against.  I have no idea why as she is so kind.  It's quite embarrassing having your child scream and recoil in horror when someone approaches them.
Edie's tights have a wee daisy on the bum which is very cute but I didn't feel right making my child bend over on cue to take photos of her bottom so you don't see it here.  The shoes are hand me downs from her big cousin, Hamish.  Boys clothing on girls is so much more socially acceptable than the other way round which is sad, but Edie is on the right side of the equation.  The necklace is mine.  Selected and styled by Edie.
Edie is obsessed with steps ("sep") and going up and down them.  Fortunately for her, and unfortunately for her parents, we live down a whole raft of them so that's why our photos are taken in this spot.  I thought it might mean she would pose nicely.  Clearly this was a foolish assumption as she was far more intent on scaling the stairs than posing for photos.  Photos with Child Fail #83.

So there you are peeps, What the Frock Friday on it's return.  More to come soon on lessons learnt while travelling with a child.  It's scintillating stuff I tell you...

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