Monday, 2 July 2012

Cool Shit Monday

A few randoms this week: stuff I want to share and not force into a cheesy theme like I do sometimes.  Cheesy themes are well and good but I don't feel like one just now.  Things don't have to match all the time, only most of the time.

These digitally printed tops are about the coolest thing I've seen in some time.  The colours are fantastic, I love the boat neckline, and the idea itself is just so freaking... cool.  I can't decide which one I like best.

I think this is so cute!  Lauren, the lady it behind Mixie Studio, created this in order to streamline her grocery shopping so she didn't spend time going back and forth for stuff she'd forgotten.  She thought out the layout of her supermarket then created divisions in her shopping list to match so that she would collect her groceries in order.  Then she posted it on her blog and made it downloadable so you too can shop with precision.  Love it!

I don't have an iPhone.  Phil does.  If I'm a good girl he lets me look at it sometimes.  But I'm not allowed to look too long and I'm certainly not allowed to touch it.  OK I'm joking but he does love it.  The best news for me is that my phone is about to fossilise completely.  The phone company is forcing it into retirement, it's such a hunk of junk.  It almost has an analogue clock face it's that old.  And when my prehistoric phone is finally put to rest, I get Phil's hand-me-down iPhone.  In anticipation of this joyous event, I have already purchased a pretty iPhone cover but I did so before I found this site.  I love the cover I bought but I may have to start a collection because there's so much coolness here.

I went to see Taieri Musical Society's production of Jesus Christ Superstar on Saturday night.  It was a bit of treat as Phil and I got to leave Edie with a baby sitter and go crazy (if your definition of crazy is to go to Mosgiel to see a musical).  We knew quite a few of the performers in the show which always adds another dimension to the experience as you get to cheer on your mates.  I wanted to let you know about one particularly amazing friend who did a top job.  If you've somehow managed to have your head in a bucket for most of your life and you don't know the story of Jesus' final days on earth, then let me tell you that Mary Magdalene plays a small but key role in that story.  In the musical, Mary is the only female lead role and gets to sing a couple of songs that are really well known but actually, it's a pretty crap role.  I think this is because all the men on stage are dealing with serious inner turmoil and there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  As a performer, the dudes of the show are able to get stuck in and peacock around, parading their singing and acting chops.  Poor Mary is left to be the foil for all the madness.  She's the calming influence, the moderate.  And it sucks to be that wet blanket when all you want to do is scream and jump up and down like everyone else.  So when you get a young, passionate, and fiery girl taking on such a roll, you've gotta feel for her.  But boy howdy did Kylie Price take that calm, serene, Mary and play her with the maturity of a seasoned pro.  And I'm not really surprised as Kylie is a seasoned pro.  Fresh off a win at the Gold Guitars, Kylie is a singer with serious credentials.  She is not one of those 'pop stars in the making' that simply look pretty and can (sort of) carry a tune, she is an incredible singer, songwriter, and guitarist, and all-round musician.  On top of this, she has a brain (praise the lord!  A young artist doing well who actually deserves their success).  Earlier this year Kylie released her first single on iTunes and you should check it out.  I hope we'll be hearing a lot more about Kylie Price in the years to come.  Cool doesn't even begin to describe her.

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  1. I second that. Kylie Price is amazing!

    As for the ipod covers. I love the mosaic one.