Sunday, 15 July 2012

WTFF: Cityscape

Today Edie and I went to a surprise Yum Char.  Yum Char of any kind is excellent but yum char of the  surprise variety is uber excellent.  It was a wee party for one of my mummy friends who is leaving us to return home to the States.  I really wish she wasn't going but I'll take dumplings as a small consolation.

The dress I wore today has absolutely nothing to do with yum char, or my friend, but I mentioned the story because I was a little nervous about wearing this dress to yum char.  No, I wasn't silly enough to wear a white frock to a place where there were likely to be slurpy things flying, it's just that I really can't breastfeed in this dress without pretty much taking it off.  And it's not a dress where you wear things underneath it to make it seemly when you do get undressed.  As mentioned in this post, tights are not pants, after all.  I have very low levels of prudishness.  By which I mean if I wanted to get undressed in public as it suits me, I would.  However, sitting in a restaurant in my tights is probably a bridge too far even for me.  I don't feed Edie that often any more but it was lunch, right across sleep time and knew she might be scratchy.  There's nothing like a bit of boob to ease scratchiness, I'm sure you'll all agree.  So by wearing this dress, I was depriving myself of a vital tool in Kiddy Management. I'm happy to say that Edie managed admirably so I didn't have to expose the restaurant to my mustard-covered midriff and I got to wear the dress I love.  It's exciting to be able to do this as tunic dresses are pretty much a dead wardrobe item when you're breastfeeding and I do love this dress so much.

My mum bought me this dress for my birthday a couple of years ago.  She bought it when she was staying with my sister in the Lakes District at a shop that sells many cool things (or so they tell me, I've not been there) and they were a wee bit nervous about buying it as it's quite different.  But I love it.  I love the crazy, fantastical print, I love the colours, I love the sleeves, I love the neckline... there's a lotta love here people.  I think my favourite thing, if I had to pick something, would be the hedgehogs floating away with balloons.  If that's not a whacky sentence, I don't know what is.  The dress is made from wool so it's perfect for Dunedin's cooler climes.  I put a long-sleeved merino underneath today that's pretty old and funny but it has lace cuffs so I think it ties in with the little splash of lace around the yoke of the neck.

Tights.  I bought some, hooray!  I normally wear this dress with black tights and I think I actually prefer it that way, but you have to try something new sometimes, don't you?  My thought process was that the mustard tights would pick out the bits of yellow in the buildings along the bottom of the dress.  When Phil saw the tights he said I had Oompa Loompa legs (no offence) and I can't help but be reminded of a costume I wore as a tacker that was the Ugly Duckling - a feathery tutu with orange tights and bird feet.  But I'm sure they're actually cool.  Right??

I bought these shoes on one of those online sale sites.  I've never heard of the brand, I'm sure they're made from the tears of small Sri-Lankan children that have been mixed with petrochemicals, but they look pretty.  Swell.  They're plastic so at least they're recyclable.  I have a love-hate relationship with the idea of plastic shoes.  Here's a quick run down.
- recyclable
- remind me of jellies from when I was 5
- waterproof
- shiny and a bit odd

- don't breathe (although these ones do have little breathy holes at the side.  This however effects the waterproof thing)
- remind me of jellies from when I was 5
- don't mold to your feet like leather does

And because I bought these shoes online, they came with an extra surprise that I did not anticipate over the internet.  They are noisy.  I sound like I have a maraca on either foot.  Again, love/hate.  Love: party, fun, make an entrance; Hate: noisy, slightly embarrassing, no sneaking in anywhere (bad when you're a late person like me), no catching birds.
Overall though, I'm happy I bought them.  They're cute and they didn't cost much.

Mum bought me these earrings (man my Mum buys me a lot of stuff.  Love you mummy!) a few years ago, again for a birthday.  Super useful earrings as they go with so many things due to the array of hues.  Edie likes them too of course, but so far I've managed to get by with my earlobes still intact.

Hope you love my Cityscape frock, it's one of my favs so break it to me gently if you think it's hideous.

Today Edie wore a dress I made her.  That's right, I sewed it.  This is momentous for me because it represents a completed craft project and it was me who completed it, not my Mum (read this if you're not sure what I'm on about).  It was a Butterick pattern and I figured the cord would be useful in the cooler months and the rough and tumble lifestyle of a 1yr old.  The material for the wee bloomers is obviously cotton and I just thought it was so cute with all the Parisian things on it.  Her onesie is a Pumpkin Patch number.  The flower and the shoes are the same ones Edie wore in this WTFF.

And so another Friday passes in Frockdom.  Mad props to all my ladies who wore frocks today.  You are all foxy bitches xo

PS.  This was written on Friday (hence the tense used) but I didn't get photos until today.  The bonus for me in this is that was a frock for Friday and also Sunday.  Double wear.


  1. I am so in love with Edie's curls! Love that dress too... I wish i had the motivation to sew.

  2. I love love love everything about your outfit, including the mustard tights and plastic shoes (although I'm not sure that I would ever brave plastic shoes myself).