Monday, 13 August 2012

Cool Shit Monday: Hibernation

Sorry to be banging on about the Olympics a lot lately.  If it makes you feel hopeful, at least it finished today so I can't bang on about it that much longer.  I've had a few Top Mum moments as a result of two solid weeks of TV watching.  Edie now points at any screen-like objects in a room and says "On?  On?".  She also says "YAAAAY!" and claps her hands a lot from all the cheering she's heard.  I think a bit of TV cold turkey is now required for my wee girl.

This week I decided to pay one last homage to my fortnight of Olympic sloth by providing you with some cool shit that will see you through some serious park-arsing.

Firstly, a bit of Olympic geekery (is that a word?  If it wasn't before, it is now and I think I like it).  This cool little video is about historical data.  I can see the glaze dropping across your eyelids already but WAIT!  This is historical data that's interesting.  Or at least I think it is.  Pretty statistics are always fun.  Thanks New York Times.

When you are sat on your chuff, the staple food item (you can't lose 30mins of quality viewing with a trip to the supermarket) is toast.  But that doesn't mean your toast can't be pretty.  This awesome toaster reminds me of the toasty pie machine we had as a kid.  It hardly qualified as a machine actually.  It had a hinge so it did have moving parts, but basically it was just two big cast iron plates that you squashed the bread between.  No, I'm not 80 years old, it's just that we didn't get an electronic toasty pie maker til I was about 15 because, well, we just didn't.  That machine made the edges nice and crunchy which is really the best bit of toasty pies.  I don't think this one looks like a crunch edge kinda toaster, but it well and truly makes up for it with pretty.

by Minale Maeda
On the off chance you get board of your viewing, having a good board game handy is always wise.  I think people are divided into those who have positive associations with board games - family bonding, holidays, student marathons - that type of thing; and those who don't - family arguments, enforced 'fun times', really sucking at playing, and other afflictions.  I LOVE board games.  I am intrigued by this game.  It looks like it could be a sneaky winner: a game that sounds a wee bit stale, but might cause just the right level of competitive fervour.  Plus it's a bit retro so if it turns out to be crap, it'll make a nice object for the games room.  The added extra British quirkiness is very in theme with the Olympics too so extra points for me.
And finally a blobbing aparatus (I've been watching too much gymnastics.  The artistic kind, not the weird rhythmic kind).  A couch just doesn't cut it.  Phil & I like to make forts.  Making forts is not just for 8 year olds.  Big kids can make a choice fort too.  Big blankets, lots of couch cushions and pillows, possibly a bean bag or two, and Robert's your mother's brother.  But this is the blobber to end all blobbers.  I'd happily add this to my fort paraphenalia.

A human taco

Remind anyone else of the old Toffee Pops ad with the lips couch

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