Friday, 10 August 2012

WTFF: Going for Gold

I apologise for my slightly misleading title of today's frocky post.  I am not wearing a gold dress.  It has a wee bit of gold in it.  And I'm in the historical gold mine area of New Zealand.  But that's about it.  I am, however, completely obsessed with the Olympics and will probably go into post-Olympic withdrawl when it ends this weekend.  I really did want to pick a dress that was "Olympic" themed and it just goes to show how desperate I was to meet this end that I tried to make this dress my Olympic tribute.  Would you like to hear my tenuous reasoning for this being an Olympic homage?  Of course you would!  So... New Zealand's traditional team colours are black and silver.  This dress is black(ish.  More like charcoal actually but tomaytoes/tomahtoes) with silver through it.  It also has gold because... well I don't really have to explain the relevance of gold to the Olympics do I?  Perhaps I could make it some lame metaphor for New Zealand winning some gold medals.  Yeah, that sounds awesome.  I also wore a nice piece of New Zealand jewellery to continue the patriotic fervour.  My earrings are the closest I could get to Olympic rings.  They're not rings, they're ringlets but let's not get technical.  I think if Grasping at Straws were an Olympic sport then I would be in with a shot at a medal.

Clothes swaps.  If you've never done one, it's worth a go.  The good old adage, "your trash is someone else's treasure" never had a better platform.  This dress/tunic belonged to my friend Helen and it found a new home with me after Helen and I organised a clothes swap at work one afternoon.  I have worn it a lot although hardly at all since Edie was born (breastfeeding again.  Sorry to bang on about it).  It's just a bit different in both the sense that there's not much around like it, and it's unlike things I normally have in my wardrobe.  I like the middle panel on it which actually acts like a big pocket.  Not that I would put anything in it as it might make me look like I had a massive apron of fat or worse.  The silver and the gold means it's versatile in terms of accessories although I've never tried to add a splash of colour so maybe I should try that the next time I wear it.

We've seen the cardi before with this frock but it's returned to it's home, Queenstown.  I like how the dark dress underneath allows the pattern of knit to show when worn with the tunic.

The boots I bought a few years ago (they look a little worse for wear) and I love that they remind me of Puss in Boots.  I think I had a book with that story in as a child in which Puss wore boots similar to these with the fold over top.  The gumboot fear of flat boots was first overcome with these boots, so they hold a special place in my heart.

Phil bought me this necklace a few years ago.  It's a Boh Runga piece of jewellery and like all of the pieces from that range, has a feathered theme.  I like both the weight and delicacy of the wing pendant and it's the only long pendant I own.  I don't seem to wear necklaces that much any more but this is one I do go back to.  The earring my mum bought for me years ago, I think possibly because they reminded her of my curly hair (it used to be long so lots of ringlets).  They're not quite silver or gold which I like as it means they can be worn either way.

Phil, Edie & I have come to Queenstown this weekend for a winter weekend and so gloves and hats are compulsory items.  My beret and fingerless gloves were bought for me by Mum (I'm worried Mum is going to start picking up on how often I write those words and tone down the gift-giving) and come from Forever New.  We don't have a Forever New in Dunedin which I am both sad and glad about.  Sad because they have really cool stuff at chain store prices, and glad because they have really cool stuff at chain store prices.  And I don't have money to spend even at chain store prices.  The same day you last saw me wear the cardi, I also wore the coat.  Love it like a child.  Ok, not quite as much as I love Edie but it's possibly super-ceding the cat in my affections...

Edie had a cute Frugi dress on today but the coat was the feature of the day as we travelled closer to the snow.  The coat comes from Miracle and is a New Zealand made number from a company called Lone Moose.  They use recycled and reclaimed materials as well as new fabrics to make their very cool creations.  I had a hard time choosing between this colour for the coat, or a gorgeous peacock/teal colour.  Perhaps we'll have teal next time.  I love the pixie hood and the cute lining which can actually be worn on the outside as the domes are double sided.  She's wearing a little neckerchief because it looks cute, like a wee polka dot cow wrangler, but also because she is dribbling like a fox at the moment and she's not normally a dribbly kid at all.  Perhaps the next lot of teeth are on their way.  Whatever the reason, Edie gets to rock Aunty Natalie's bandana so it has its upsides.  Also worth noting are the cute purple See Kai Run boots that match the glasses of course.

Right, back to enjoying my Olympics on a fuzzy old TV in a good old Kiwi bach.  All I need is a cup of Bell tea and I'll be a lovely blast from the past cliche.

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