Friday, 18 May 2012

This one's for you Aja...

Right now, I am wearing a secret half-smile (no longer a secret I guess) as my fingers hover over the keypad. I am thinking of my crazy , impulsive, and somewhat scatterbrained cousin. She also happens to be one of the most persuasive and compelling individuals I have ever come across. I both blame and credit her for getting to this point with my blog.
I'm not about to do any *actual* research into the matter (details: not my strong suit), but I would wager that a significant number of blogs begin with people self-deprecating about the fact that they were coerced into writing by someone else to whom they told a funny joke once or showed one of their handmade macramé owls. I would like to say I'm not one of these types, but unfortunately that's not true - I did tell a funny joke once and I make a mean macramé owl. Ok so I can't make the owl. I feel I'm getting away from my point... What I'm trying to say is that Aja is that person who has emailed, messaged, texted, and coached me into creating a blog. Apparently she believes I have something to say and an appealing way of saying it.
And actually, I agree.
I'm not quite sure exactly what you're going to get here but like the description says, I'm hoping it makes life a little better. No deep and meaningful, ground-shaking, world-changing, cancer-curing posts; but a little goodness. With jam & cream.

Here's Aja (right) rocking out at her sister's wedding in Feb.  More to come on these lovely ladies later.  It's a good story, believe me!  Thanks to The Simple Things for the great photograph.


  1. Yes Yes Yes!! I think I just weed my pants when I saw this blog pop up on facebook page! Great things are going to come and happen from these pages... I am jittery with excitement. Congratulations Charly for taking the plunge!!

  2. brilliant,Charlotte

  3. Bring on the macrame owls...

  4. You go girl! There's nothing better than following your heart. I look forward to the many entertaining and inspiring reads and discoveries to come through your fabulous blog! Well done xxx