Friday, 25 May 2012

What The Frock Fridays

I've always been one for riding the coat tails of someone else's good ideas.  I'd like to claim it's because I'm smart but I think the reality is less glamourous - I'm just really lazy.  But this idea actually requires me to do something on an ongoing basis, so perhaps it will change my wicked ways.

So What the Frock Fridays!  It's not rocket science: I wear a different frock every Friday and tell you about it.  I am actually quite excited about this as I have an extensive collection of dresses that I wear far less frequently than I'd like.  I think it will take me a number of What the Frock Fridays to get through them all and then if I do, I'll simply have to buy or make myself some more.  What a shame...

I went to my Anti Antenatal group today (the lovely group of ladies whom I met anywhere other than antenatal class) and was told I look "a bit posh" today.  I explained about What the Frock Friday and I think I may have some mates joining me in a dress.  Anyone else keen??  I have to say I felt especially great (seriously) when I put on some old work boots and marched out into the paddock to take Edie to look at the horses.  Wish I'd taken a picture of that.  Footrot Flats meets Mad Men.  It'd be a crap TV show but makes for an outfit to talk about.

Today's What the Frock Friday Frock (hmm... may need to think of a snappier way to put that) is a wee number I picked up when I was in Sydney in February at Johnston & Bell which is a cute store that specialises in "quirky" fashion rather than copying what's in the chain stores.  I've found a couple of other cute things there in the past that have a vintage look which suits me to a tee as I love true vintage but this way I get something that doesn't smell of old ladies.  This dress debuts What the Frock because it's getting pretty freakin' cold here in Dunedin but we've been graced with this incredible run of Autumn weather.  I figure this light cotton dress isn't going to be able to make it into What the Frock for some months to come.  I have quite a few dresses that follow this floral, vintage look and I have yet to master how to wear them through the colder months.  Opaque tights and boots just don't always feel right with flouncy pretty dresses to me.

My biggest affliction when it comes to putting clothes together is my Mum's fault.  No offence, Mum - you received it from your mother before you.  I tend to have everything matching.  When I was a kid, Mum had what could only be described as a sack of hair accessories to match every possible outfit I had.  I have to fight so hard to take off that last necklace that matches the earrings that are the same colour as my shoes and the belt.  Oh and the hair ribbon.  It's not that I don't want things to match, I obviously like it.  It's just that I can go a bit far.

Today I did indulge.  I had matching aubergine (that's purple, in case you are a straight male and you've made it this far into today's post.  Unlikely, but I don't want to exclude you) tights, matching green suede shoes, a matching rose cardi, and matching purple earrings.  I stopped before necklace and hair clip today.  Such restraint.

The cardi is a Silk Body number.  Beautiful stuff.  If you get the chance to own some, take it with both hands and don't let go.  I bought the tights at Farmers years ago.  I liked the colour but doubted I'd wear them much.  You'd be surprised what you can match with a pair of aubergine tights.  Take that piece of advice to the bank - gold!  The shoes I bought a few years ago, not sure where.  I love them though.  They have a good practical heel - comfy enough to wear all day (I can't believe I just wrote that sentence.  Fashion Q will be knocking at my door in no time).  I wear the earrings all the time.  My sister sent them to me which is the story of most of the cool accessories I own.  I love that the little stamen inside the flower moves like a wee bell.

The dress has a wee belt which I decided to put on the outside of the cardi as the cut of said cardi is straight and I lost my shape without the definition at my waist due to the fullness in the skirt.  I think the cardi looks better left open as it helps give my short body a bit of length and you get to see the neckline on the dress which has a nice pleat detail.  And that's my dissection skills exhausted for the day.

Thus ends the first What the Frock Friday.  Back to jeans tomorrow I think.  With a few matching accessories...

PS.  Extra credit should be given to me for getting through the entire day wearing this outfit and not having a small child vomit, shit, or wipe their lunch on me before Phil got home to take the photos in the evening.


  1. You look fab. Love the WTFF. I think I need you to dress me. I have no style.

  2. Love the accessories especially the red and white one! Great frock, I look forward to next friday :-)

  3. Yippee! My earrings made the cut. Great idea/photos Charlie.