Monday, 28 May 2012

Cool Shit Monday: Round 2

It's Monday.  It's cool.  It's certainly not shit.  And your Monday won't be either once you sift your way through this treasure trove.

This lady here is officially the coolest person I know.  I once held a costume party where you could dress up as anything that took your fancy.  I had an outfit I wanted to wear and couldn't be bothered trying to think up a cool theme so just made it a generic dress up.  I think that's how most costume parties happen.  Leigh came as a tampon.  And she brought Toxic Shock Syndrome Information pamphlets with her and handed them out to other guests.  She even plaited a string trailing behind her and everything.  It was the best costume I've ever seen and I think it says a lot about how awesome she is.  Not everyone has the balls (interesting choice of words) to go to a party where you don't know many people dressed as a tampon.  She rocked it.
Another one of her most admirable exploits is as the ring leader of the SLA (Sugar Liberation Army), nicknamed "Angry Fruits".  She and another awesome lady, Luci, launched Operation Tang when Pascalls ceased producing Snifters, Tangy Fruits and Sparkles.  It was truly inspirational.
I have never been to see a Roller Derby although I find it intriguing.  I would go to anything just to see Leigh.  Especially in this outfit.
Stone.  Cold.  Fox.

BBC's Sherlock Holmes (you can watch it in New Zealand TVNZ On Demand here) is a masterpiece of television writing and acting.  Season 2 has just finished here in New Zealand and I was very happy to discover that Season 3 is being made.  Sherlock is just the most fantastic character and Benedict Cumberbatch is masterful in his portrayal.  I am excited to see him play the baddy, Khan, in the next Star Trek movie.  Martin Freeman is the shizzle too.  A perfect Watson and foil to Sherlock's sociopathic aloofness.  Interesting fact (straight from my sister who is the fount of all British popular culture knowledge): the guy who plays Mycroft (Sherlock's brother) is also one of the writers and is of course recognisable from another great British TV series, The League of Gentleman.  There you go, you learn something new every day.  I don't just bombard you with pics of crazy ladies in roller skates.

This dress is maybe not so cool if you don't have a little girl but I do, so it's freakin' cool.  Once again, it falls into the "I could make that" category.  I should change that to the "I could make that but even if I got off my chuff to do it, it would be one in a long list of things I'd be making so would never get it done". But that's a slightly less snappy name now isn't it?  Back to this cool shit... I love the Boden clothes for wee dots.  If only I had infinite resources.  They don't ship to New Zealand but luckily for me, I can send to my sister, who sends to me.  I would guess most New Zealanders know someone in the UK who can be their Boden mule so it's not too much of an issue.

I read this the other day and it cracked me up.  For a start, it accurately describes the laundry process in our house, but I also love that someone has a whole blog based on drawing shit Paintbrush pictures of their life.  That's my kind of art.  Here is the laundry process for you to read...
Direct from

This appeals both to my aesthetic and my love of words.  Such a cool idea.  If I had any original artistic talent, I'd like to think that this is what I might do.  But then it wouldn't be original.  Basically the artist has taken words no longer used in the English language (i.e. not in the dictionaries or common usage anymore) and made word art.  The artistic representation of the word tells you something of the definition.  Weekly challenge: include one of these words in natural conversation this week.  Let me know how you go.  Don't let it become pamphagous though (that was pretty weak but I'm pressed for time here).

Oporopolist (oh-pawr-po-.list )n. 1671 -1725; A fruit-seller.
Lettering by Karen To

Montivagant (mon-TI-vey-guhnt),n. 1656-1658; That wanders in mountainous areas.
Lettering by Karen To
This book is, in my view, compulsory reading for every woman.  And every man actually.  So EVERYONE READ THIS BOOK!  Caitlin Moran pretty much the funniest person I've read in a long time and she's extra sneaky because she disarms you with her hilarity and before you know it, BAM! you're actually thinking about stuff.  I wish she had more reading material readily available as her writing makes me feel affirmed in every way.  I aspire to be like her.  Although I do not aspire to wear me mum's hand-me-down undies like she did...

So there's some cool shit for your Monday.  It's actually really hard to narrow it down as it turns out there is a lot of cool shit in the world.  That's a nice thing to discover really.  Perhaps I shall have to make a sister-post, Awesome Things Thursday?


  1. A tampon- screams fancy dress genius to me. I'd much rather see that than Santa. Awesome.

  2. I have a friend in Wellington that makes amazing little girl dresses and headbands. She also makes badges (tailored to suit) and I have a couple at home.

    Those roller derby gals look amazing!

  3. Another Benedict Cumberpatch fact (truly the most fabulous name ever given to a human being)he is also in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - it's a bit slow but interesting enough although they do go a little OTT on pregnant pauses. Loving the blog xx

  4. Vive la tang!!! haha that's hilarious